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"Carmichael LTC Pharmacy functions at regional level-which came into existence due to efforts of skilled pharmacists. We work to make the community feel better and boost residence safety with improved precision. Our goal is to provide original and authorized medicines to local and rural areas. We have out stationed our pharmacy at central areas so that we can time our deliveries and abstain from difficulties."


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Start services with us by completing above forms and fax it to us at 916-827-2524. One of our staff members will contact you to get more information

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  • -Expulsion of expired medicines
  • -Speedy delivery and secure transactions
  • -Clear indications and labels for easy usage
  • -Additional and handy prescriptions with medicines
  • -Consultants and caregivers-to help out with the prescriptions
  • -Well-coordinated system with the medical staff in case of emergency               


"We also handle matters related to prescription insurance. We also aid our clients in getting insurance plans. (Medicare part D). Even without insurance plans we provide medicines at reasonable rates and for complete supply of prescribed medicines we only charge 5$"


"Carmichael pharmacy is not just a medicine discharging outlet-it’s a clinic in itself. With introduction of MTM: MEDICATION THERAPY MANAGEMENT we have establish strong and cordial relationship between customers and us. Under this therapy one of ours professional pharmacist sits with a customer, gives information about medications until customer is fully satisfied. Every customer is handed over to separate pharmacist to communicate, doctor’s prescriptions to the client. With full knowledge of how much dose to take, at what time, what are the effects and side-effects and when to stop intake. This procedure eliminates risks and guarantees safe medication."

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